Welcome to Velvet Sunset

    Looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city for a more tranquil location? Our exclusive rural lodges offer the perfect getaway with some of the most beautiful scenery imaginable.

    Each lodge and apartment offers a unique slice of luxury. Peace and quiet is guaranteed, as are some fantastic leisure activities for all the family.

    Yoga Classes

    Key features:

    • The retreat program includes accommodation for the entire period of 10 days.
    • Both morning sessions available.
    • Complimentary breakfast & dinner included.

    If holistic fitness were a destination, then yoga would unimaginably be the smoothest road leading to it. Besides imparting good physical & mental health, yoga is known to bring immense happiness & contentment to those who practice it.

    However, beginners often find themselves at sea when it comes to yoga. Here, at velvet sunset, not only do we address all your concerns, but also go the extra mile to help you grasp the nuances of yoga. Our 10-day retreat program has been specifically of all age groups.

    Under the watchful eyes of our expert yoga instructor, you’ll find yourself embarking on the enriching journey of yoga and discovering the priceless treasure it has to offer. To top it all, the Agonda beach, with its unparalleled grandeur, services as the perfect companion.